This testimonial will not do justice to how utterly amazing my experience with Kate was, but I’ll give it a go!

Firstly Kate oozes passion, pure talent and a sense of confidence and calm which is so contagious I couldn’t help but feel beautifully confident throughout the shoot!

The experience was fun yet controlled and any previous nerves were short lived, I was expecting it to be ‘hard work’ and somewhat awkward having never done anything like this before but Kate assured me “everyone has a good side” and wow I haven’t been able to stop looking at my images since!

Photography is not Kate’s job, it’s her passion and that is projected onto every image. We all have certain things on our body that maybe we are not 100% happy about but that was the beauty of shooting with Kate.

Her skill is obvious for all to see. I’m so thrilled with the whole experience I have booked a mother and daughter shoot and I can’t wait!

Thank you so much Kate, I’m so glad I chose you.

– Rachel

From the minute I met Kate and was thinking of booking the photoshoot, she put me at ease. She has such a fantastic, easy-going manner that it was hard to get nervous! On the day, she didn’t mind that I’d turned up with a wardrobe full of clothes but helped me sort out outfits and was so organised and thorough that I instantly left everything in her hands. During the shoot itself, she was brilliant at helping with poses and really talked to me throughout it all so I knew what was happening or working well. I left Kate’s studio feeling amazing, and I felt even better when I saw the photos! I would recommend every woman to have a photoshoot with Kate, you’ll come away feeling on top of the world!

– Fiona

Thank you for giving me the confidence, not only to trust you but in myself for the first time in a many years. For such a young person you have amazing empathy with your clients and that is invaluable in gaining their trust.

I love the photo’s and have proudly shown them to my children and some good female friends and have passed on your details for future contact. I still can’t believe you managed to make me look so good in such a short time.

– Linda

Speechless! When I saw the photographs you had taken of me, I was dumb struck at how amazing they are … and as my friends will testify, it’s not something that happens very often. You managed to capture the essence of me, not just my likeness, something I have never seen a photograph achieve before. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, liberating experience … a moment in my life I will treasure always.

– Rachel

I turned up at the shoot with all sorts of questions running through my mind; am I doing the right thing? What if I make a fool out of myself ? What if I don’t like who I am? But from the first moment I arrived and met Kate I was immediately made to feel welcome and relaxed straight into it.

Kate is a friendly, welcoming and wonderful person and photographer. She kept conversation flowing and created a relaxed and comfortable environment in which I was able to really enjoy the experience.

At the viewing Kate again settled my nerves and she had created a fun and exciting slideshow of the pictures for my partner and myself to see. This was so professionally done and beautifully put together. I am both surprised and shocked at how happy I am with the photos.

Kate has done an incredible job and I will be proud to put these up on the wall. I will most definitely be recommending Kate to anyone and everyone I know.”

– Emily

OMG! You are something special Miss Sharp. If you can make short, old, dumpy me look half-decent you are great. Seriously you have an amazing talent and it was a phenomenal experience being photographed by you.

– Louisa

Kate has a charm about her that you warm to instantly. She can make anyone feel a million dollars in their own skin, just by being in her presence. Her warm, confident and professional approach is very reassuring and her smile is contagious. Having done a boudoir shoot before my wedding with Kate, I was a little nervous to say the least about being photographed at a time when a woman feels most vulnerable about her changing body but once again Kate made me feel so comfortable and captured a really beautiful moment in my life that I’ll treasure forever.

– Kayleigh

This week I came to see my pictures and I was very nearly reduced to tears again for a whole different set of reasons, they are outstanding.  Thank you, is not enough.

I dont like my scar and it’s true I am a long way from being a model figure.  But I am proud of the four kids that have stretched my skin and my determination to go from a size 22 to a size 10/12 and the 48 years I have spent in this body becoming a positive person. I’m proud that I can be strong enough to use his actions to inspire me to have some decent photos done to boost my confidence

But most of all I am proud of these truly gorgeous pictures that I will forever treasure as a record to what I looked like as I was pushing 50!  You have made such a massive contribution to putting my self esteem back on the map.  You are fabulous and if any woman reads this and wonders if she should do the same, my advice would be “Hell Yes!” and that you are definitely the woman for the job!

– Donnalee

Kate has an instinctive way of photographing her clients to ensure they get their perfect picture. Her style is relaxed and fun which means that the session is an enjoyable experience. I was delighted with my photographs and it was a great morale boost – I would recommend every woman to give it a go!

– Tricia

Being photographed by Kate was a hugely enjoyable and relaxing experience. Her studio is warm and welcoming and she is companionable and encouraging and knows just how to bring out the best in her subject. I told Kate that I hoped the photographs would simply reflect me on a good day, and not present me artificially as someone I am not.

I hope it is not vain to say that I think she succeeded brilliantly and I am thrilled with her work. No one has ever taken better or more kindly photographs of me.

– Elisabeth

I was quite nervous before my appointment, but from the minute that I met Kate, she put me completely at ease. She is such a down to earth, friendly and professional person, and this shines through in every part of her photography. The whole experience was a brilliant one, and not only do I now have photographs that I am delighted with, I also had an amazing confidence boost. My partner is also delighted with the photographs and he thinks that Kate has captured me as he sees me, which is a real talent. Kate instantly knew what I was wanting to achieve. Ashley did an expert job with my make up, I have never felt so glamorous!

What a brilliant experience, from start to finish, I am overwhelmed with what a great job Kate has done, she is amazing!

– Joanna

A great day for anyone. I went to London with a group of friends on a Hen Party. I am a mum of 3, so I was a little nervous because I have never done anything like this before. I ended up loving it! Kate made me so comfortable during the shoot that I was extremely surprised and actually cannot explain it in words. My make up was fantastic and my pictures are beautiful, I couldn’t ask for more. Great fun and the location was beautiful! It was such a relaxed atmosphere. Would high recommend for anyone who needs a confidence boost or just a girly day out in London at a beautiful house for a celebration, or just because. Thank you so much to Kate and her team, it was an amazing day.”

– Kerry

Portrait and boudoir photographer based in Bedfordshire. Also serving Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Cambridge, Hertford, London and the surrounding areas.

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