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Nothing is more important than a first impression. Professional headshots tell your brand story the way you want it to be told, be more profitable by selling yourself authentically all whilst feeling beautifully pampered in the process.
Kate made me feel super relaxed, and considering I’m used to working behind the scenes off camera and feeling happier that way, I have to say I’m more than excited about the final images! I almost look like I know what I’m doing, like I’m used to being in front of the camera and actually enjoying it – and that’s all down to Kate’s clear direction, personality and sense of humour. She makes you feel at absolute ease and would never have considered a shoot like this with anyone else!

Ready to take your business to the next level?


You are smashing it, you know your vision and purpose and as you have begun to build your business, you understand the importance of professional headshots and personal branding on your website and social media and how photography parts a huge part in your marketing efforts.

By mastering your personal brand using images, you can quickly and effectively show your target market what you do and what it would be like to work with you before they even get a chance to read the wording on your website or printed material.

We’ll work together to design a photoshoot that is tailored to you and your brand; telling your story visually and creating striking and beautiful images for your website, social media, Facebook ads, editorial pieces for books and magazines, email marketing and more.

Because that LinkedIn headshot your Husband took of you sitting poolside with the cropped out cosmopolitan; probably isn’t making the kind of statement you want…







Why you need to elevate your personal brand
  • Create stunning, professional headshots for your website, social media pages and email marketing

  • Attract your ideal clients and raise your prices

  • Create a visual identity that reflects you and your brand.

  • Have a specific, targeted image list that will transform your website and make it stand out from the crowd!

Things you don't need to worry about

“I’ve got nothing to wear.”
That’s why I created a Style Guide with styling advice, beauty tips and a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

“I’ll never look like those celebrities and models in the magazine.”
Actually, you can. And you will.

“I can’t do this.”
You can. I’ll direct you throughout the entire shoot.

All you have to do it turn up and we’ll take care of the rest

Your Bespoke Personal Branding Package Includes



To help you get get clear on your ideal client, target market, visual identity and branding.


Together we’ll identify your ideal client and analyse your existing branding and marketing material. To maximise your time and investment, we’ll create a list of the images you require, including props, shoot locations and wardrobe styling.


We can shoot at my rural studio based in Bedfordshire or a destination of your choosing.


Your hair and makeup will be styled to complement your outfits and the way you want to look. You can bring multiple outfits so you have plenty of options.


After your photoshoot, you’ll come back and see your images for the very first time. This is when you get to choose your favourite images and how you would like to display them.

How does it all work? What’s the next step?


Simply fill out the form on the right to apply for your complimentary branding consultation. We’ll get clear on your ideal client, your target market, visual identity and branding so we can start planning your personal branding photoshoot.

Portrait and boudoir photographer based in Bedfordshire. Also serving Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Cambridge, Hertford, London and the surrounding areas.

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Let me know what photography session(s) you are interested in so I can send you the relevant information.

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