After leaving school, I picked up a camera, pursued a curiosity and in that time I have photographed hundreds of women from every walk of life imaginable, each with their own story to tell.

I love the transformation of a woman from when she walks into the studio without any makeup, watching the self-confidence grow throughout the shoot and to the moment she finally gets to see her images printed and framed.

No one ever feels ready to be photographed and we as women will find every flaw and imperfection. Being photographed can feel daunting, bringing forth every fear and insecurity you may have. It is my job as the photographer to let you know that I am in charge of that. I am in complete control of your photo shoot. I will direct every move. Where you look, how you look. How your legs are positioned, where your hands are, how you’re moving your hips and shoulders, chin and smile. I have it covered.

I won’t load you with compliments to counter your body fear. I will listen to your insecurities and discreetly make sure that these things look amazing when I photograph you. If there are some areas that I have had to compromise on I will fix this in postproduction – and you will NEVER know!

When I’m not behind the camera taking photographs I’m usually at home in the countryside with my family, which also includes my two dogs and my two cats, Colin and Keith. I am self-confessed lingerie addict that has an ever-growing collection of Victoria’s Secret underwear that has spilled out of my top drawer and now takes up most of my wardrobe! I love to read, travel and do yoga but I also indulge in watching endless box sets on Netflix with a family sized bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. I’m human after all.

Portrait and boudoir photographer based in Bedfordshire. Also serving Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Cambridge, Hertford, London and the surrounding areas.

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